Let’s say you know what you want to achieve but are unsure about whom to engage to deliver your video or animation project. Potential clients often ask us if hiring a freelancer privately saves money. Perhaps you have often wondered about that too?

Many people assume that employing a freelancer will cost less than using a professional company or an agency.

We started off as freelancers ourselves so we are certainly not knocking this group. However, we also know the pros and cons of freelancing. You might say we have insider knowledge.

Are there situations where a freelancer may be a good option?

Freelancers can be ideal if you only need a minor one-off design or some similar task. Bear in mind that they usually have just a small number of areas of expertise. Few have all of the skills required to complete more complex projects.

Freelancers have only one pair of hands. They can get busy with other projects and not be available at the time you need them.

Agencies, on the other hand, employ a team of skilled individuals, each of whom specialises in different roles. Your project will be split into a task list, grouped by skill, and assigned accordingly to different team members. The result is a cohesive team working for you, with members who support each other all the time.

The net effect is that you get a more professional looking product, delivered on time. Basically, you get more done for your budget.

10 benefits of using a video production company rather than a freelancer

  1.  A pool of different skillsets and talents to draw on when required;
  2. Agencies generally have a group of people that can be adjusted to increase manpower when you need it;
  3. You may find that some studios will quote similar rates to a freelancer;
  4. Studios are generally more reliable and do not disappear overnight;
  5. Studios have more professionals at their disposal meaning they can tap into their knowledge and come up with original solutions to specific challenges that may save you time and money;
  6. Studios often have project managers who will be assigned specifically to your project and will be available to take your calls/meetings at short notice;
  7. Studios are often on the front lines in adapting new technologies as they strive to make processes more efficient;
  8. Studios often have secure infrastructure to protect your confidential information and your Intellectual Property (Note: if this is important to you, do check the contract between you and the agency you’re hiring);
  9. People working for companies would usually sign a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or other types of contract and they are thoroughly screened when recruited;
  10. Companies often care greatly about their reputation and try to deliver the best service possible.

You’re in safe hands – some final observations

Of course, we wouldn’t be writing any of this if it didn’t apply to our company!

Choose Motiohead to receive exactly what you need – quickly, efficiently and professionally. Don’t hesitate to let us know about your project at hello@motiohead.com, or sign up to start working with us immediately at studio.motiohead.com.

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