We specialise in creating fascinating 2D & 3D motion graphics and animation.
We also provide post production video services for social media, film, TV industries, and corporate business.


2d Motion graphics by Motiohead London


Animated video content offers a powerful capability to communicate your message to the audience and demonstrate it in an entertaining and fun way.

2D motion graphics can be presented both in the form of animated images and illustrations or as a complement to video footages.

Today such graphics are widely used for creating promotional videos, social media content, digital marketing, general advertising, music videos, TV banners, explainer videos etc.


In a 3D world, it is possible to create objects with any shape and texture, complement the scenes with various lighting conditions and add such intricate detailing that these virtual objects have depth and become realistic.

Once these 3D objects are made, we can breathe life into them and add any sort of movement.

3D motion graphics has become an integral part of cinema and video games. They are used in TV design for creating opening credits and captions as well as in advertising for creating captivating images of products.

3D motion graphics and CGI will also come to the rescue in situations where real shooting is either impossible or requires very large budgets.

Please keep in mind that this method is much more time consuming than working in a 2D environment.

3D motion graphics and CGI animation for TV opening credits and advertising
unique illustrations and animated images by Motiohead Los Angeles


Whether you need infographics, unique illustrations or crisp digital images, the specialists of our company will help bring your vision to life.

We take the best creative ideas as a basis and conceptualise them into sharp, vibrant and on point graphics that will be an excellent asset to your business.

Well-designed graphics effectively visualise your brand, showcase all the facets of your products and clearly convey your marketing message to the target audience.

An effective commercial image is not only a picture capable of wowing a viewer, but it is also a way to leave a long-lasting imprint of your brand in people's memory.

We employ the latest graphic software to generate impactful image design for your needs, while our creative approach is reflected in all the artwork we create.

Visual Effects (VFX) / Post Production

Visual effects are various methods of creating non-existent scenes, characters or images called to alter and enhance filmed material.

Our visual effects specialists combine footage with digital 3D components to create impressive video content for your needs.

Visual effects have taken a prominent role in advertising, cinema, and on television. Thanks to them, nondescript scenes become colourful and easy on the eye.

We offer a wide range of visual effects created with the help of cutting edge software.

Our services for compositing, rotoscoping, match moving, clean-up and chroma keying are at your disposal.

VFX visual effects and post production by Motiohead, a motion graphics and post production video company California
video editing and colour grading for advertising and digital marketing videos by Motiohead Buckinghamshire

Video Editing / Colour Grading

Post-production is one of the most critical elements of creating video content.

Post-production involves complementing a video with music, voice-overs, overlaying graphics or animations, integrating captions, titles, colour grading etc.

Post-production is not just assembling footage, it is also a disruptive process aimed at enhancing the potential and effectiveness of your video content.