Privacy Policy

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This page is offering information regarding your privacy when visiting different pages and browsing our website, is collecting logs with the purpose of counting the visitors that are accessing our website.

Some information is collected by Google Analytics, like IP, the search query you used on a search engine to find our website, country, browser, and similar other data.

The information collected is never made public or given to anyone, they are just a way to see the evolution of our website in terms of the number of visitors we are getting.

Cookies and Web Beacons is using cookies to store user’s preferences.

If you want to disable the cookies, you can see the options of your browser and disable them.

E-mails and personal data has various forms that can be used by users to register in order to download a product or file, contact us or sign up for discounts. If you submit your e-mail in one of those forms, you will receive from time to time some promotional or informational e-mail messages from us. You can unsubscribe by either clicking the unsubscribe link from the message or just by writing us that you don’t wish to receive any e-mail messages in the future.

Phone numbers. Our contact form has an input where you can type your phone number. If you wish to type your phone number and send us a message, we will only use the phone number to contact you back. Your phone number will not be shared or made public in any circumstances.

Thank you, if you have any questions, please use the contact page.